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BTT Symposium Tarpon Panel

I was at the Bonefish Tarpon Trust symposium last weekend in Weston , Florida with my good friend and Client Jay Decker from Patagonia.  We set up a small booth and talked about the cool new line.

I saw lots of friends from the fly angling world and made some new ones too.  I sat in on the Permit and Tarpon panel discussions and got some new perspectives on these fish.

A lot of time, money, and love is going into protecting tarpon, permit, and bonefish for now and the future.



Scott Gets a Nice Juvie Tarpon

ScottPoon Version 2

Stevie From Austria gets a Tarpon

setvyPoon StevyTarpon

Fun times today with Nancy on Spin and Wes on Fly

Nancy on the bow

Nancy on the bow

Permit Landing


February Tarpon With Spencer the Trout Stick


Tarpon on the fly

Spencer is a guide in Gunnison, Colorado and he can cast!  He had one shot on a half day trip and got a nice baby tarpon to the boat.


Thanksgiving Bonefish for SteveO


Rob Gets a Permit on Fly


Bonefish Release

bonefish release

Good client and friend Blain baby tarpon fishing with his son Sam

We got into some fun baby tarpon fishing on both fly an spin.  Both father and son came down from Denver to fish with me  for two days and wrecked the sharks on light tackle and fly and had a great time with the poons too.Blain Tarpon

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