Key West Fishing Guide Fish Key west, FL for Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish with fly and light tackle. All skill levels welcome

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Key West, Florida, mile marker 1, the southernmost part of the United States, the Conch Republic. Whatever you want to call it, the Lower Florida Keys is home to some of the best inshore saltwater fishing on the planet. Whether you prefer fly fishing or spin fishing, are experienced or a rookie, Capt. Mike O’Brien will show you an exciting day on the water.

Key West is home to many species of fish. Our main targets are tarpon, bonefish, and permit. “The Big 3”. There is nothing like seeing a tarpon fly through the air, a permit tailing on a flat, or a bonefish over white sand in almost no water. If the hype of the glamour fish isn’t your thing, try throwing a tube at a barracuda, a chunk of meat at a shark, or just about anything at a jack and hold on! Come to Key West for your next fishing trip; you won’t be dissapointed.

A chance to fish the flats of the Lower Florida Keys with a fly rod or spinning tackle is an experience of a lifetime. For those who may not be familiar with the way we fish Key West, here is a brief overview.

The boats are relatively small skiffs, mine is a Dolphin Super Skiff and can accommodate 2 anglers. We fish in shallow water (1-10 feet), usually with one person fishing at a time. I spend most of my day on the back of the boat, quietly polling you along looking for fish. Once we spot a fish, it is your job to accurately present a fly or bait.

We usually throw flies and baits that resemble, or are, a small baitfish (for tarpon), crabs (for permit), and shrimp or crabs (for bonefish).

Capt. Michael O’Brien

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Outdoor photography is my second favorite thing next to fishing. Key West and the Lower Keys provide the perfect backdrop for amazing pictures. Feel free to browse through my galleries and take a visual tour through “my office." If some of these photos don’t get you amped up to come fishing, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

The fishing in Key West for tarpon, permit, and bonefish is very dynamic. Although there is no bad time of year to come down and fish, certain species can be more prevalent at certain times. That's why I rush home after every trip and write a report. Ok, there is no rushing home, or daily reports, but I do try to update this section often enough for it to be useful.

Name: Capt. Michael O’Brien

Hometown: Key West, FL

Q: Mike, what's your favorite part about your job?

A: There is nothing like seeing someone come alive when they have a fish on. I’ve heard even the quietest people scream.

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