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super skiff

super skiff

On Windy Days We Kite


Kiting with my bros east of key west


New casting platform and leaning post for the Super Skiff

Carbon marine casting platform for capt. Mike's skiff

Carbon marine casting platform for capt. Mike’s skiff

September Road Trip- chasing fish, waves, and wind

I’ve just returned from a killer road trip to surf, fish, and kite. I
hung with a few good friends along the way up to Hilton Head. The waves were good in Ft. Pierce and st. Augustine. Fishing was killer in St. Augustine too. I had nuclear wind in South Carolina and a couple of shots at tailing redfish. On the way back I scored good wind and big waves again in St. Aug.. My trip terminated with my GF in Boca and fun waves at Juno pier last Sunday. I’m happy to be home in the American tropics and chasing tiling permit. Water temps are still 85deg.

imageHilton Head with Tucker

Redfish with Warren

Aaron off the lip

Red Drum

Warren poling

Fun Day Kiting at White st. Pier with Capt. Mike filmed by Karen Angle

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Capt. Mike O’Brien kiting at White st. Pier in Key West on a big wind day.


check out these two go pro videos.  Click on the underlined : pearlBank   Aaron Jump

It was a nice windy day in Key West today


Here is some GoPro footage I shot.