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Jumping Tarpon


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September Permit with Capt. Mike

I was out yesterday afternoon with my buddy, Capt. Bill Stockton chasing  Permit west of Key West on the incoming tide.  It was slick calm with some spooky tailing permit and bonefish.  Late afternoon low vis fishing means you are going to blow a few fish out.  We did a bit of that.  Not all the perms were tailing. Lots of fish would tip up and vanish or blast off the flat.  We tracked three feeding fish as they gobbled their way with a focus on eating.  I got a few shots and finally dropped the fly in the zone and it was fish on.  Permit #13 for me.  It’s been almost a year since I stuck one and it felt really good.  Thank’s Bill!  

Evening Permit

Capt. Mike O'Brien with permit #13

It seems so easy when the fish finally eats.  The key to catching permit on fly is to get it there quickly and in the zone.  If you miss the first shot or two then pick the fly up off the water gently and get it back in the permit’s face.

Wrecking Tarpon and Bonefish in the Dog Days of August

I was out west of Key West the other day with a great angler and client, Chris Macdonald and we had the Marquesas all to ourselves. We fed four baby tarpon and landed one. Then we stuck 2 bones on the outgoing tide. I was fired up and thought we could maybe get a slam. It was that kind of day. We have fish in all the spots but the permit were scarce on the flats. We had a couple of shots at some spooky perms but no eats.
All in all it was a great day on the water and Chris and I had fun. Can’t wait to do it again.

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