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March Merkin Results

It’s two days after the March Merkin Permit Tourney and I’ve just caught up on my sleep.  I was out yesterday fun fishing with my sons, Atticus  and Richard, and we saw and had shots at some big permit on the outgoing tide.  Going back out today to try again.

The results for the MM were as Follows:

1st – Mike Dawes guided by Don Gable -3 permit with one caught each day -very difficult to do this under pressure.

2nd-Jon Ain guided by Doug Kilpatrick-2 permit on day two-wow!

Capt. Mike O’Brien guided Alan Rivior from New York City for two days of pre-fishing and three in the tournament. We saw lots of permit.  We had shots at tailers, cruisers, laid up fish, and floaters.  We fished the Marquasas and it was just spectacular!  On the last day Alan made an awesome shot at a big permit 50 feet out and dropped the fly 15″ from the permit’s mouth and out from behind the permit came a damn jack and scarfed the fly.  That’s permit fishing.  I had a great time again this year and can’t wait to do it again with Alan next year.

March Merkin

We are starting the second day of the March Merkin Permit tourney here in Key West. Lots of shots yesterday but only 3 fish where caught with a total of 25 anglers. I have high hopes for today with the warming temps and bigger tides.