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Mid July Tarpon fishing

I fished Dan and Mike today and got into a guppy hatch west of Key West. It was killer. We stuck seven tarpon and finished up the day at 10am. Jumped some slops and sea monsters. Wow! Going to get up at 5 tomorrow and do it again. I hope.

Montana Trout fishing with my Dad

I  just got back to Key West after fishing out in Montana with my dad.  What a great time.  Salt water and fresh water is so different.  I had to learn to lift the rod tip again.  I spend most of my time in Key West telling my anglers NOT to lift the rod but to strip-set the fish.

I finally got the hang of it and my dad and I had some 20+ fish days.  We waded the Madison and Rock Creek.  Big thanks to Mike Beltz for hooking us up with his sweet pad on Rock Creek.  No electric and no running water.  It was sooo quiet there.  Played a lot of cards with T.O. and got schooled.  My Roommate from Key West, Jimi McGillip and Sean Mcneally rowed us down the Big Hole on Friday and Saturday.  That river is Epic.

I can’t forget to thank Mikey Pollack for a great night of drinking at the fish bar in Ennis with Mikey, Kelly, Jimi,  and Sean.

Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention that I was out tonight and chased some tailing permit but it was so slick calm that I didn’t get close enough even wading for those spooky fish.  As it got dark I got into some killer tarpon action under the full moon.  I fed a bunch.  Jumped three and landed one nice fish and took a DNA sample.  What an Awesome night.  Poons are still here!

Big Hole Brown Trout

Hold on to your sac