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Capt. Mike hooks a big Poon during the Worm Hatch in Key West

Click on the link below to watch the Worm Hatch tarpon video.


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January Jacks

It was the nicest day in a week and Jimi and I were out there. The water temp was 66-68 deg. We caught some nice ladyfish and tons of big jacks on fly.
These jack pull hard!

January fishing in Key West

I had a great day on the water with Christina and Jeff from St. Louis.

It was cloudy so the sight fishing was tough but we got into some jacks, barracuda, ladyfish, and mangrove snapper.

We also had a shot at two big cobia on the edge of a flat. Wow!


check out these two go pro videos.  Click on the underlined : pearlBank   Aaron Jump

It was a nice windy day in Key West today


Here is some GoPro footage I shot.